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rv measuring guide
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How to Measure Your RV

Measure your RV from the longest two points to determine proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire and ladder – but excluding the hitch. ADCO Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights, with or without roof top accessories like satellites and A/C’s.

rv measuring guide

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Fabric Guide
rv fabric guide
  • For all intense climates Absolute top-of-the-line fabric
  • Available in Tan or Gray
  • 5 year manufacturer’s replacement warranty
rv fabric guide
  • For climates with Intense Sunshine, Dust and Rain
  • We are the ONLY authorized manufacturer using this fabric
  • Available in White
  • 4 year manufacturer’s replacement warranty

» External Accessories

Do you have any of the following external accessories?
Spare Tire
AC Unit
Spot Light
Rear Bumper
Storage Pods
Folded Sat. Dish
Domed Sat. Dish
Toy Hauler Back
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