This section answers questions about your RV, and the process to purchase adequate cover: how to measure your vehicle, how to choose the adequate fabric for the weather in your area and/or needs, where and how to buy your product, as well as taking care of your product. If you have any more questions, please contact us:

» Do you sell direct?

No, I am sorry we do not. We will be happy to provide you with the name of a dealer in your area. Please contact us at 800-541-2326.

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» Which fabric should I choose for my location?

If you plan on owning the RV for many years, it makes sense to purchase a custom RV cover. It will save you time and money in the long run. As far as universal-fit covers go, here are our suggestions: SFS Aqua-shed is for moist climates such as New England and the Midwest. Dupont Tyvek RV® is designed for harsh environments and works especially well in areas with intense UV, snow or dust.

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» How do you install an RV cover?

RV Covers can be installed WITHOUT climbing on the roof of your RV by utilizing stepladders. Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to save time by climbing on the roof. Below you will find a description of the process as told by one of our customers. ADCO takes no responsibility for the liability involved in climbing on the roof. Please note that extreme caution should be taken. RV Cover installation gets easier with practice. Most full size coaches can be covered and secured in under 10 minutes.

  • Place the Cover at the rear of the R.V., next to the ladder. Find the front of the cover on the ground.
  • Lower all antennas. PAD ANY AND ALL SHARP EDGES and sharp corners. Pad anything that could snag or tear a hole in the cover. Remove the antenna if possible.
  • Pull the front of the cover up with you as you climb up the ladder.. Once on top of the R.V., pull as much as you can towards the top, creating a pile of cover next to your feet. Once the pile gets big enough, stretch it towards the front of the RV.
  • Once a strip of cover is created, start at the front by pacing the cover over the corners, working your way towards the back, allowing the cover to drape over the sides of the R.V.
  • Once you are at the rear of the R.V., place the cover over the corner (opposite of the ladder). Climb down the ladder pulling the cover down with you. Put ladder cap (if needed) in pace prior to covering the rear bumper.
  • Finally secure cover into place by throwing the long straps underneath the R.V. and connecting them with the short strap parallel to it. ADCO covers are equipped with grommets on reinforced tabs to take up as much extra material as possible. We suggest you use rope or string and DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Do Not use Bungee cords a they can pull grommets out of the cover. Throw long straps under coach and buckle. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! OVER TIGHTENED STRAPS PULL THE COVER TOO TIGHT AND THE SEAMS CAN CAUSE FRICTION DAMAGE TO RUBBER ROOFS!
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» How do you wash a cover?

Try to hang the cover up on a clothes line and rinse the cover with only water. Do not use any kind of cleaning soap because it may damage the cover.

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» How do I repair a damaged vehicle cover?

We offer a fantastic adhesive patch kit for most all of our covers. (Except vinyl products). This can be found here. If you cover is under warranty, you may be eligible for a free patch kit. Call customer service at 800 541-2326 for more information.

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» What should I do with a damaged cover that is under warranty?

This depends on where you purchased the cover. Call customer service at 800 541-2326 for more information.

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» How do I measure my coach for an RV cover?

Measure RV from end to end (including bumpers, spare tire and ladder) to determine RV Cover needed for proper fit. Do not rely on manufacturer’s specifications. Covers should fit loose.

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» Why would you need a custom RV cover when there are so many generic covers on the market?

  • You plan on owning your vehicle longer than the warranty period on the generic cover
  • You demand the absolute top-of-the-line product
  • You have a vehicle with a unique shape that generic covers can’t account for
  • You live in an extreme climate location
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» What fabrics are available for custom RV covers?

Custom Covers are available in 3 different fabrics. SFS AquaShed 3 years More Rain than Sun Tyvek RV by Dupont 4 years Sun/Rain/Snow Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills 5 years Intense Sun/Rain/Snow.

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» I want to order a custom RV cover. How can I do this?

Our custom covers are ordered through our customers as we are a manufacturer and do not sell direct. For a dealer near you, please call (800)541-2326.

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» Will a cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job?

No, our covers have been field tested for years to protect any vehicle’s paint job.

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» How long does it take for ADCO to make my custom cover?

Production time runs between 2 and 4 weeks.

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» How easy is it to install a custom cover?

An 88 year old man can install his cover in 20 minutes or less. Small vehicles take no time at all.

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» Can I register my RV cover online?

» Where do I find the warranty registration # for online registration?

This registration is currently for RV covers only. The warranty registration # can be found on the lower left hand side of our black and yellow warranty card. If you do not see this # or the black and yellow card, you may have an older warranty card and will need to register through the mail. Online warranty registration is brand new to ADCO.

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