Truck Camper Designer Series UV Hydro®

» Part numbers & Sizing

Part # RV Length
94862 Medium 8'-10'
94863 Large 10'-12'
94864 Medium/Queen 8'-10'

» Features

  • PROTECTION AGAINST ALL THE ELEMENTS - Built for all climates.  
  • ZIPPER ENTRY ON BOTH SIDES OF RV - Allows slide-outs to be fully extended during storage for easy access
  • SUPERIOR WIND RESISTANCE - Patented wind channels on bottom corners help promote a snug fit
  • SUPER USER FRIENDLY - Red accents help identify interaction points for easy installation
  • LIGHT COLORWAY - Reduces temperature build-up
  • WATER RESISTANT COATING - Promotes cleanliness and reduces moisture build-up on the trailer
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV.  
  • Features ADCO's 3 year manufacturer warranty

 » Includes:

  • Rain gutter spout protectors to prevent cover puncture where applicable. 
  • Extra adhesive reinforcement material.  
  • Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation.  

 » How to Buy the Best fitting Cover for your Truck Camper?

  • Measure from the longest two points including bumpers and ladder to determine proper size needed.
  • View our measuring and installation videos found on the bottom of this webpage.
  • Utilize our measurments database found on the top of all RV cover pages on this website

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» How to Measure your RV for an ADCO RV Cover

» Cover Features Video

» Installation Video

Truck Camper SFS AquaShed®

» Part numbers & Sizing

Part # Length Cover
12263 10' - 12' 242" x 104" x 104"
12262 8' - 10' 192" x 104" x 104"
12264 8' - 10' queen bed 213" x 104" x 104"

» Features

  • Ideal for moderate climates & short term storage
  • SFS Aqua-shed triple layer top panel beads water on contact
  • High performance polypropylene side panels
  • 100% Breathable
  • Rear zipper entry panels for access during storage
  • Front/rear rope cinching system to remove slack
  • Bottom mounted strap/buckle system prevents loss to wind
  • Reinforced corners to reduce wear
  • Elasticized front and rear corners for snug fit
  • Ladder Cap
  • Storage Bag
  • For proper fit, make sure to include bumpers, ladder and spare tire when mesuring your RV. You can exclude ground clearance. Made to accommodate roof-top accessories such as A/C
  • Gray
  • 2 year warranty

» Purchase

ADCO Covers can be purchased online or in a store near you. Click below to find an authorized dealer.

» How To Measure Your Truck Camper For RV Cover